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Herbal extracts

Siberian Ginseng bio extract 100ml

(Eleutherococcus senticosus)

13,50 €


  • markedly corrects low blood pressure
  • unspecificly increases endurance of organism against infections
  • recoverly influence during fast physical and psychical attrition
  • helps to adapt to increased psychical load and regeneration after stressful situations
  • mobilizes adaptable and compensating processes
  • marked stimulating effect on immunity system
  • increased creation of zeins is connected to increasing of amount of heamoglobin
  • decreases and dismantles blood cholesterol
  • improves the activity of central nerve system
  • recovers sense perception{eyesight and hearing}
  • interferes to development of oncogenous metastasis, moderates external exposes of consequence of radiation
  • corrects congestion of cordial muscle and brain - prevention against ischemia of myocard and sudden brain emergency
  • slows sclerotization of vessels
  • decreases level of blood saccharides
  • favourable influence on creation of  enzymes